7 Simple Ways to Skyrocket your Blog Traffic with Pinterest

- Guest post by Cassie May 

Pinterest is my main source of traffic to my blog, and it’s no coincidence. I spend a lot of time and effort into my Pinterest strategy in order to get loads of traffic to my site. 

Through my struggles of when I first started blogging ad created my Pinterest account, I’ve come up with a lot of ways that you can amp up your existing account or grow your monthly views by 300% if you already have an account. 

So here are 7 simple ways you can grow your blog traffic with Pinterest.

Pinterest 7 tips.jpg

1.  Make Pretty Pins.

This seems like a no-brainer, but I see so many people doing it wrong! To be honest, there is no right or wrong answer but there is a way to do it and a great way to do it. First off start researching your competitors that get lots of repins. Take note of the colors they use, the fonts and even the way they worded their text. Also take note of what pictures they use, as I have a friend who is a Pinterest expert and she told me that most people like lifestyle pictures for the background. I also got a lot more repins on my pretty pink template Pins over all the other template designs I’ve ever made. Check out this blog post  to learn how I create my Pins. 

2. Join More Group Boards.

It’s always a good thing to join more group boards. I am a firm believer that you can never be a part of too many group boards. I request to join about 5 group boards a week and get an invite to at least 1 from those responses. Make sure you stick to your niche, as they are most relevant to your blog topic so you will get more views from those group boards.

3. Join Tailwind Tribes

It’s free to start so I don’t see why so many people haven’t taken advantage of Tribes yet. I owe so much of my success to Tribes and tribe members. I am also in a few tribes with huge Pinterest profiles and even just 1 repin from them can get me more traffic in a day than a whole week! It is definitely a big factor to my success in traffic. Learn more about how to use Tailwind here

4. Pin Manually.

A lot of Pinterest users don’t understand the importance of being physically active on the platform and result in their traffic falling flat. I did an experiment with my own traffic while I was testing out new strategies and found a huge increase in traffic on days that I was manually pinning and saving Pins, compared to when I was just relying on my scheduling tool to auto-pin things. The Pinterest algorithm is very smart and it knows when you’re not actively pinning and when your pinning things from a tool. So don’t think that you can just schedule 90 Pins a day and not actually visit the app for a couple days. If you are serious about gaining traffic from Pinterest I recommend putting aside even just 10 minutes to manually pin on the app. I love manually pinning things as it gives me amazing ideas and new skills from other people’s Pins too.

5. Repin your popular Pins.

If you check out your analytics on Pinterest, you can see you top Pins with the most impressions in the last 30 days. Repin them! They are already popular and you have a way better chance of them going viral if Pinterest can see it’s getting a lot of repins. Repin them to group boards as well, as long as it’s been about a week or so since you last pinned it to a particular board.

6. Enable Rich Pins.

If you haven’t got rich Pins set up, there are a bunch of tutorials around the web. Rich Pins I found have a much higher rate of clicks compared to ones that I haven’t enabled. This also helps with their SEO ranking when people search for a specific topic as Pinterest also used the info from your blog post to rank your Pins.

7. Create Multiple Pins for each article.

The more content you have out there the better. Especially when you are just starting out and don’t have many blog posts, create at least 3 Pins for each article you have. What I mean is create different looking Pins with different text and images, colors etc… for the same article. This way you can also see what templates you are using that performs better and create more similar styles to really optimize your click-troughs.

There you have it, I don’t want to hear any excuses on why your traffic isn’t growing if you don’t implement at least 1 new tactic to your strategy from the list I just shared with you. ;)

You can join my free 7 day Pinterest Traffic Surge email course , where I teach you in depth how to get traffic from scratch. Even if you have an account you can still learn heaps of new strategies for getting the most out of Pinterest for your blog.

Until next time. Take care and peace out

- Cass :)

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