Are you done waiting for your success story to happen? 

Are you tired of feeling unfulfilled by your job, of working for someone else, helping them turn their dreams into reality instead of chasing your own? 

Deep down you know you're meant for something bigger.

You know you have what it takes: the passion, the drive, the desire to make an impact on this world. 

You know there's people out there who you can help, whose lives you could change for the better.

You want it so badly: the freedom, the money, and the flexibility to do what you love, and to work with people who inspire you?  

It's time to start turning your dreams into reality & your passion into profit!

Maybe you've been working on a blog or a website for years but haven't seen much (or any) money from it. Maybe you have an Instagram account and would love to turn it into a side hustle and start getting paid for posts. Or maybe, all you have right now is an idea (or many), but no clue where or how to get started...

Is it really possible to monetize your passion? Passion alone isn't enough to succeed. However, I believe that the recipe for creating a successful business you LOVE is combining:

Your Passion + Your Unique Skill Set + Solving A Common Problem Within Your Target Market. 

And I'm here to show you exactly how YOU can use this formula to start making money online!


Hi! I'm Carla.

And I know too well how you feel. I used to be you.

I've always wanted more from life, but for years I struggled with self-doubt, self-confidence, and for the longest time I had no idea what my unique skills were (or if I had any!) and how to create my "dream life" when I wasn't even sure what I actually wanted.

You always hear these stories of successful entrepreneurs who started their first business when they were just kids, how they somehow created these incredible business opportunities and made their first million dollars by the age of 25.

Well, that definitely wasn't me.

I like to call myself an "accidental entrepreneur" (read my story here). 

But even though I didn't know I was going to become an entrepreneur, I always knew I wanted to make an impact, to help others, to create a life I love, and to feel fulfilled by the work I do.

And that's exactly why I LOVE working with women like YOU!

My goal is to help you get started. to finally take you FROM IDEA TO BUSINESS: 

  • To gain the clarity on your story, on what sets you apart & the confidence to believe in yourself and your unique strengths and abilities, allowing you to finally take the leap into the "business world" and create a life you love.
  • To determine the business model that works for YOU, allowing you to monetize your passion, and to finally do something you feel passionate about and excel at.
  • To give you the knowledge and the exact tools you need in order to create your own successful business without wasting any more money and time trying to figure it all out on your own - just to realize a year from now that you have gotten nowhere.

Your journey to creating your dream business starts here.

Let’s make it happen together.

This is my mission:

My “WHY” is to empower women, just like you, believe in yourself, to trust in your unique skills and abilities, allowing you to create a business you love, and to grow it through the power of online marketing in order to reach a wider audience and to create more wealth and freedom in your life. started out as an online school teaching women in the Food, Health, and Wellness Industry how to grow their brand through online marketing, but I very quickly realized that this business model wasn’t the right fit for me. 

I realized that I don't just want to create content FOR you. I want to work WITH you and play and active role in YOUR success story.

So, how can I help you get started today?