Instagram Story Highlight Covers: Video Tutorial

Instagram Stories have become an essential part of my own Instagram strategy, as they allow me to give my followers a glimpse into my daily life, and also a chance to talk about anything that's coming up in my own business. 

Up until now, your Instagram Stories would automatically disappear after 24 hours. With the recent introduction of Instagram Story Highlights (still being rolled out, so not everyone has access to this feature yet), you now have the ability to save your Stories to your profile, or create different categories and continue to add to them as you're uploading more content. 

Talk about prime real estate: your Story Highlights are pretty much the second thing any visitor/follower sees when they come to your profile (right after your bio). Kind of like a pinned post on Facebook, this is your chance to highlight certain content and drive traffic to old content.

Today I'm sharing a quick video tutorial with you to teach you how to create your own beautiful custom Instagram Story Highlight cover designs using Canva!

Instagram Story Highlight Covers, Canva Tutorial

Watch the video on how to easily create your own beautiful Instagram Hihlight Covers using Canva:

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