Facebook Groups: how to use them to grow your blog or business.

Joining relevant Facebook Groups is a fantastic way to connect with other people in your industry, to grow your blog or business and even snag new clients. Here's the thing, though: Facebook Groups can also feel overwhelming and intimidating, especially if you're new to the blogging world. Where do you start? What should/can you share? What's allowed? What isn't? Can they really help you grow your blog or business?

Facebook Groups have played a major role in my own business. They allowed me to make connections with some amazing people in my industry that have led to clients as well as wonderful collaborations - so trust me when I say: they do work! You just have to know how to use them and make the most of them.

And no better person to ask about the ins and outs of Facebook Groups and how to use them to grow your blog or business than Kimi from Pink Hexagon...

Facebook Groups: how to use them to grow your blog or business. #Bloggingtips #businesstips #facebooktips

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your journey of starting Pink Hexagon.

I've spent the majority of my adult life chasing the freelancer dream. I've had some odd-ball "real" jobs in between, but I feel like working from home and being my own boss has always been my calling. Everything I have done, everything I have learned... it's all been leading me to Pink Hexagon.

I fell in love with graphic design and the idea of home business way back in the days of MySpace. I couldn't believe that people were actually creating graphics for profiles and selling them! I don't know what made me think that I could do it too, but I was all in.

Armed with GIMP, I made atrocious graphics using far too many drop shadows. I was intensely proud of them and my incredibly supportive friends even paid me a little money in exchange for creating custom graphics for them.

Fortunately, practice makes perfect. I've had a string of blogs and small business ventures over the last decade: 2D texturing, 3D design, a drop ship T-Shirt store, and a handful of blogs. I've loved every one of my businesses intensely, but I'm excited to put the pieces together and use all of my acquired talents to grow Pink Hexagon.

We actually connected through a Facebook Group, and I know you're quite an active member - what role do Facebook Groups play in your business?

Facebook groups play a major role in my business. 77.62% of my social media traffic comes from Facebook, and it's thanks to the amount of time I spend in conversation with other entrepreneurs.

I use these groups for engaging other a wide range of entrepreneurs all of different backgrounds and professional levels. It's been the best growth hack for my business because people remember who helped them. It's how I keep myself booked with graphic design clients a couple of months in advance.

How many Facebook Groups do you actively use?

I am active in 8 Facebook groups related to my business, including my own for multi-dimensional entrepreneurs - Hexagon Connection. I'm active in some more than others, but I've definitely "found my tribe" in a couple of groups in particular.

How much time per day do you spend in these Facebook Groups (rough total)?

I am definitely more active in some more than others, but I'd say I spend about 7-10 hours weekly in Facebook groups. The majority of that time is spent participating in conversations, although I spend time reading and learning like everyone else.

I guess one of the biggest problems is that there are literally millions of Facebook Groups out there. In your opinion, what makes a good FB Group and how do you find them? (Through recommendations, trial and error of joining different ones, etc?)

A lot of people look for groups with huge numbers. It's a common misconception that a large group is somehow a good group. Truth is, a large group is just that... large.

Some people actually find these larger, 5,000+ member groups to be overwhelming. There's a lot of conversation, sure... but there's also a lot of information to wade through and for newbie bloggers, it can be too much.

I personally love larger groups because I enjoy a lot of activity, but what really makes a great Facebook group is engagement (there's that word again!). You can have a smaller, very active Facebook group. In fact, the best groups are full of the right people - not just people who joined because of the big number.

I'd start with a few recommended groups in your niche and find your fit. There's no "right way" because what groups work for me, won't necessarily be the ones that work for you.

Facebook Groups: how to use them to grow your blog or business. #Bloggingtips #businesstips #facebooktips

So say you've found a good FB Group, how should you get involved? Should you introduce yourself and your blog/website? Should you start by asking a question? Or better jump right in and get involved in conversations?

Always, always, always read the group rules before doing anything. Then "read the room" so to speak. Spend time reading questions and conversations - even participate in those discussions if you're comfortable. I fully believe in giving to a community before you receive.

Once you've spent time getting a feel for the group, ask detailed questions... but never promote your website or business this way. It's icky and it doesn't earn you a very good reputation.

Self-promotion is kind of a no-no in FB Groups (unless it's in one of the dedicated promo posts). Yet, sharing valuable information is encouraged. Where's the line? And what would you recommend? Simply write a valuable/informing post without linking to your website in the hope that others will click through to your profile and find your FB Page/website? 

Group participating is a marathon, not a sprint. Sharing valuable information for free, without any strings attached is the #1 way to get people to notice you. The more time you spend being kind, encouraging, and helpful... the bigger the impact there will be when an opportunity comes up in a group where you can promote yourself.

I receive a lot of traffic to my website through my Facebook profile. Too many people overlook their profile - they forget to add links to their website or add their business or blog page as a job. I can't tell you how many times I have gone to someone's profile hoping to find information linking me to their business, and found none! These people are basically throwing money and traffic away.

What would be your nr. 1 tip for bloggers/entrepreneurs who are thinking of using Facebook Groups as part of their strategy but haven't quite made a start yet?

I have no good advice that doesn't involve the words "Get started!" Facebook doesn't have to be "pay to play". There's so much untapped potential in groups that you are missing. Find a few groups in your niche or even check out the ones your friends are in. Put yourself out there and participate.


Thank you SO much for your time and this interview, Kimi! By the way, apart from being a Facebook Group genius, Kimi is also an amazing graphic designer, so if you ever need any help with branding or graphic design services I 100% recommend you check out Pink Hexagon.

You can join Kimi's Facebook Group "Hexagon Connection" here.

Now let me know in the comments, have you used Facebook Groups to grow your blog or business?

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