Canva tutorial: How to create your own beautiful social media graphics.

As you're growing your online presence, branding will play a more and more important role. The way you design your posts, the style of your images, the colors you use, the fonts, your logo - all of these factors play an important role in online branding and will essentially help your posts (or Pins) stand out and get recognized by your followers. While graphically designed posts are not essential on some social media platforms (like Instagram which is all about photos), they are absolutely necessary on others, including Pinterest! In order to fully take advantage of this platform you simply need to create your own, branded Pins.

Canva tutorial: How to create your own beautiful social media graphics #pinterest #bloggingtips

Now, I know, not all of us have a lot of experience in graphic design, and the thought of creating your own Pins might scare you - but to be honest, you don’t need to be a pro or hire an expensive designer in order to create your own, beautiful templates and designs.

Which is exactly why I want to introduce you to one of my favourite tools - an online platform called Canva is a graphic design platform, but unlike Adobe Illustrator or InDesign which you might, you don't really need to have any graphic design skills or be a professional designer in order to be able to use it: Canva was designed with exactly us "amateurs", bloggers, and small online business owners in mind. It's very user-friendly, easy to learn, and it's completely free to use (they do have some awesome templates and photos available to purchase, but you don't have to make use of them if you don't want to).

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Watch the video tutorial below where I walk you through the process of creating your own beautiful, branded designs. Enjoy!



Canva itself offers many fantastic tutorials and videos teaching you about how to use the platform and about design itself. You can check them out here:


Have you used Canva before? If not, how do you feel about it after watching this video? Got any questions? Let me know in the comments below!

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