How to use your voice & story to grow a highly engaged audience.

"Finding your voice"... Another one of those marketing terms that you hear thrown around all the time, and yet, if you're anything like me in the beginning, you have no idea how to actually go about "finding" it.

I remember thinking to myself: "Yes, I get it. In the end it’s my story and my words that differentiate me from my competition. But what about me really is that special that it’s worth writing about? And does anyone actually care?"

Sound familiar?

Truth is, there IS something special about YOU. You might not realize it right now, but sharing your story is the most powerful thing you can do to stand out online, and to grow an audience of people who are inspired by you, and who trust you.

But how do you find your voice if you're not feeling quite confident yet about what your message is?


Rini Frey is the biz babe behind @ownitbabe and an incredible, inspiring, and successful woman (and fellow German) who’s inspired ME to share MY story.

Rini was my Instagram Live guest last week to talk about her journey, and how sharing her story was one of the biggest factors that led to her success online (if you don't know her yet, make sure you head over to her account and check out her captions and engagement. You'll know what I mean!).

Watch the recording below:

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