5 habits of highly productive people

Ever look around and wonder how other entrepreneurs seem to be so highly productive - what's their secret? A super zen morning routine? Superfoods? Matcha?!

Meanwhile there you are... working your booty off trying to get your business off the ground, are spending hours each day on social media, growing your following, creating content... Instead of being present at dinner (or maybe watching a movie with bae), you're on your phone again. Commenting, liking, replying to messages.

You're not alone.

In fact, I think that most entrepreneurs struggling with finding balance in their lives.

I tend to go through these cycles of working so extremely hard and tireless, wishing there were more hours in the day to get through my to-do list.

I feel like I can take on mountains of work (literally), and 10-12 hour days are the norm.

Until a point of burn out.

And suddenly all that motivation, energy, and productivity have vanished.

I don't feel like getting up.

I just feel like giving up.

Sound familiar?

If you've been following me on Instagram lately, you know that I've kinda made it my mission to bring more balance into my life.

To take more care of myself, and time to unplug.

The response from my followers has been incredible - so many of you seem to be able to relate, and struggle with these same things that for so long, I thought only I was struggling with!

I truly believe that if we want to be successful in business - and in life - the most important task on our to-do list should be to take care of ourselves. And yet, how often do we manage to cross this task off our list?


And so I've invited one of my favourite Dietitians, fellow female entrepreneur, and friend Toni Marinucci from @tips_with_toni to share 5 simple habit changes to transform your body, mind, and business.

Check out the video below and start developing these 5 simple habits to increase your productivity and motivation:

Want to connect with Toni? Check out her website to take her FREE quiz and find out how healthy you really are, or connect with her on Instagram: @tips_with_toni

Join her 21-day breakfast challenge.

What new habit are you most excited about developing? Comment below!