So, you're ready to grow your online following?

Then here's what you need to know: Social media is all about building relationships, and building trust; it's about inspiring people and creating a tribe of loyal customers or followers who believe in your brand.

But here's the thing, before you can grow your tribe you need a strategy in place that defines who your target audience is, where and how you can reach them, and how you'll communicate with them.

This FREE 5-day email course was designed to help you build this foundation, giving you the tools, knowledge, and insights to successfully grow your online following by attracting "the right people" - your ideal audience.

"The course is very well organized, clear and full of very good tips and tricks. I need to emphasize that I really appreciate your huge support, positive thoughts and sharing experience!" - Joanna, @never.stop.tryin

Here's what we will discover:

  • Your WHY: Why should anyone follow your Social Media account(s)? What is the purpose of your brand/account?

  • Your WHO: Who are you trying to reach? Who should follow you? This process is known as finding your target market, or your niche.

  • Your VOICE: How should you communicate with your target market? What is your brand’s personality?

  • Your CONTENT: What, where and when should you be posting to reach your target audience?

The course will go over 5 days, but you'll have access to the exercises I'll share with you even after the course ends, so you can go through them in your own time.

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"Thank you very much for your great course! It's been sooo helpful and motivating." - Hurdem, @Xtremekitchen


"The questions for the worksheets were really well chosen and allow for an easy, uncomplicated approach to marketing. I loved being taken through the different steps and am feeling super motivated me to pick up my camera and to photograph my creations in the kitchen. Thank you so much for your help!" - Katharina, @kjlovesodin