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Here's what some of my students have to say about it:

"Before working with Carla and taking Instagram Secrets To Success, I did not realize that both my website and my Instagram gave mixed messages. On one end, I was promoting weight loss, while on the other end I was promoting mindful and intuitive eating. Working with Carla, I realized that I just needed to go with my gut. When I started my business just 1 year ago, I branded myself as a Weight Loss Dietitian because I thought that was what was expected of me as an RD.
However, as time went on, I started promoting more mindful and intuitive eating principles. Carla and Instagram Secrets To Success pushed me to rebrand myself and go with what I am truly passionate about and believe in when it comes to nutrition and clients.

I have also gained more clients. My goal is to generate more
Telehealth clients. I started with only 1 that I was retaining monthly to now 5 consistent
virtual clients all across my state in Florida.

I also received my first paid sponsorship post in the midst of taking the Instagram Secrets To Success courseThe course gave me the tools I needed to get noticed by brands and how to negotiate a proper business contract."

- Gisela, B Nutrition and Wellness

Our Instagram account hit 1k followers today! It's a small victory, but I know if any group will appreciate it, it is this one!

I joined this group when we were around 200 followers and had the opportunity to sign up for Carla's one-on-one which then led to us meeting in person when she was in New York.

I am continuously amazed by the personal attention she gives all of her clients - both paid and unpaid! Carla, you are a brilliant businesswoman with a generous spirit and I'm so thrilled to be working with you and a part of this community you're building. Excited for what's to come! 

- Erica, LocalApp

"Instagram Secrets To Success course is an awesome course with plenty of tips and tricks to increase engagement and followers, and it serves as a general guide to improve the quality and the reach of your posts. Before starting the course I had just recently starting using my culinary Instagram account regularly and in just a few weeks I was able to increase my following from 70 to over 700 and I even got over 1000 likes on one of my photos!

In addition, I have become part of such a great community of like minded people, and to me that is so important.. and definitely a hidden secret to success!"

- Tamara, The Culinary Nutritionist

"Thought I would drop you a line to say a big THANK YOU!!! I've been working through your course bit by bit and steadily applying your strategies and I have 'picked up' 700 new followers in 4 days!!! Very pleased I signed up with you. Thank you very much!"

Mike, sw_silverslimmer

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