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See what past students are saying!

“Instagram Secrets To Success surpassed my expectations! My engagement has gone through the roof!”

Brittany from @brittanyb_therd has been focusing on honing in on her very specific niche to establish herself as the go-to person for people diagnosed with Crohns, Colitis and IBS. One Instagram Story led to over 50 different direct messaging conversations with her ideal clients!

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“I got invited to a private viewing of Katy Perry’s new shoe collection!”

Casey from @gr.glass_slipper was a complete newbie to Instagram and felt intimidated by the platform. She had 13 posts and 178 followers when we started working together. Fast forward 6 months and she’s reached her 2 goals: she got accepted into RewardStyle / liketoknowit.com and is working as a consultant for shoe companies!

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"Instagram Secrets To Success has helped me grow my brand TREMENDOUSLY!"

Jenny Melrose took her account @melrosefamily from 4k to 9k followers in less than 6 months and had a $35k launch with her @jenny_melrose account.

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“I never thought I could get to 8k… and now I’m there!”

Julie from @goodiegoodieglutenfree was stuck at 5k followers when she joined the course. She’s now at 8.2k and growing every day. She’s also getting more brand sponsorships and is working on her first online course, using Instagram as a platform to connect with her ideal clients.

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“Just join! Don’t waste another second making this decision. You’re waisting time!”

Noemi from @noemipop grew from 200 to 4k followers in 3 months. She went from getting no comments at all to receiving over 100 comments per post!


“Since joining Instagram Secrets To Success I’ve grown A LOT within a very short period of time!

Before joining the course, Christie from @christieathome was posting every day and engaging with 100 different accounts each day. And yet, her growth was stagnant… and she didn’t understand why. In less than 3 months, Christie increased her profile visits by 64%!

“Literally, just join the course!”

Take it from Harrah from @fengshuinista: “I’ve taken other Instagram courses and they just were not nearly as comprehensive, detailed, easy to understand, and easy to implement as your course is!”

With the help of Instagram Secrets To Success, Harrah has been able to build a truly engaged community around her account and is getting ready to launch he own online course!

“I never thought that there was so much to Instagram… and then I realized people are making a living from it!

Rosa from @rosaievans grew from 2k to 4k in a couple of months and the followers who are engaging with her are actual, real people who are interested in what she has to offer!

“Instagram Secrets To Success helped me realize to stay true to my niche and connect with my ideal followers and not just other accounts in my field.

Gisela from @corporatenutritionist (formerly @bnutritionandwellness) hadn’t had success with any Instagram courses before. After taking Instagram Secrets To Success her following tripled and she signed 4 new online coaching clients.