Website traffic - How to use a link shortener to track & improve your traffic.

As a (food) blogger, one of your main goals usually is to get more traffic to your website. You write blog posts, create daily social media posts (on various platforms!), and basically plan your whole social media strategy around one goal: getting more page views! Here's the thing, though: What's the point of creating all this amazing content if, end the end, you're not actually really sure how well it's performing, and how many people are actually clicking on your links?

Grow your website traffic and measure the clicks on your links. #blogging #websitetraffic

Lucky for you, there's an easy solution to this problem plus it's completely free, which is always nice ;). And that solution is called! is a link shortener that let's you track the clicks on your links and it even gives you insights into where your readers are coming from! Pretty cool, right?

By being able to track the clicks on your links, you can then figure out what's working (what gets you the most clicks) and adjust your social media marketing strategy accordingly in order to get more clicks, more traffic, and more page views!  

I've created this short video for you which walks you through how exactly to set up your first! 

Are you tracking your links already? Or is this something you haven't started doing yet? Let me know in the comments below! 

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