Taking THE leap: How to plan your exit and get your first paying client.

Quitting your job to start your own business is a scary step. No doubt about that.

And even though there probably never is a perfect time to start a business, and you'll never feel completely "ready", there are certain steps you can take today to help you take THE leap and set yourself up for success before you enter the exciting new world of entrepreneurship.

Beth Williams, former Marketing & Communications Manager, quit her job to travel the world as a freelancer, and has recently started her own business Williams | Raines as a recipe developer and copywriter.

Carla Biesinger, online marketing consultant

In this interview we discuss:

  • How to plan your exit and set yourself up for success BEFORE you quit your job.
  • The #1 thing you need to have in place for your first year in business (so you don't risk going broke in the process).
  • How to get your first paying client.
  • The 3 things can do to TODAY to turn your business dream into reality and minimize your risk of failure.
  • The biggest challenges most new entrepreneurs face and how to overcome them.

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