Finally create food photos you're proud of.

Food styling and photography are two skills that have always fascinated me, and Rachel Korinek, founder of Two Loves Studio is THE person I look up to and go for advice to (apart from that she's a total #bizbabe and an amazing teacher, helping photographers and creatives take their photos to the next level).

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With my recent Food Styling Challenge and the launch of The Food Styling & Photography Crash Course (which Rachel helped me co-create), it was the perfect excuse to bring Rachel on for a Live Q&A. 

Watch the recording here and get all of Rachel's tips and tricks on how to improve your food styling and photography and finally create food photos you're proud of.

Want to learn more about food styling and composition?

Check out this recent training with Rachel on the THREE biggest composition techniques that drastically changed her work and how YOU can implement them to develop your trademark style that is true to your own personality and taste.

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Want more?

Check out Rachel's newest course Composition Essentials here. 

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I can't wait to see the transformation of YOUR photos - and what you'll achieve by improving your photography skills.

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