Your Instagram theme: how to set your account apart from the rest.

From what I've learned since starting my Instagram journey and working with my students and clients, is that the accounts that all of the successful Instagramers don't just see their account as a compilation of individual posts - they treat their account as a brand.

To me, the success of creating a brand (whether that's your Instagram account, your blog, or your business) depends on 3 things:

  1. Knowing who your target audience is.
  2. Creating valuable and interesting content for that target audience.
  3. Having a clear focus and creating consistent content that's recognized as yours.

One of the strategies that can help you create recognizable content and help you set your "Instagram brand" apart from the rest is your Instagram theme. 

Your Instagram theme: how to set your account apart from the rest and gain more followers #blogging #Instagramtips

Your theme is basically defined as the way your posts fit in with each other and work together when someone looks at your feed. 

Apart from the obvious goal of creating a beautiful theme that will attract more followers (I talk more about this here), it's your theme that will also allow any new visitor to instantly understand what your account is about, and what they can expect from you (and btw, that is exactly how you keep your followers).

A lot of my students initially worry about that fact that creating a consistent theme means creating posts that all look the same. But here's the thing:

Consistency ≠ boring!

Developing your Instagram theme is all about being creative and finding your style! (If you want to learn more about finding your (photography) style check out my last blog post: developing your food photography style with Danica from @madebydanica). 

Need more help with finding your style and discovering your theme? 

I've got you covered ;). Check out this blog post with theme ideas and inspirations, or download my resource list with the best photo editing apps, and get started straight away with creating your new theme! 

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What's been your experience with finding your Instagram theme? Is this something you feel confident about or something you're still working on? Let me know in the comments below!