Is this YOU?

  • You're ready to fire your boss, kiss your 9-5 goodbye, create a profitable online business you love, and finally start living the life you desire (and deserve!).

  • You know you’ve got what it takes: the skills, the passion, the desire to help others, and the drive to make it all happen.  

  • You’re ready to go all in and actually turn that business dream of yours into a reality.

  • You’re hustling. Taking every free course you can get your hands on. Sitting through hours of webinars, listening to business podcasts whenever you have a spare minute. Maybe you’ve even invested in a couple of online courses.

But for some reason, you just can’t seem to piece it all together.

You’re spending all day on social media, but you’re not seeing any real results. Perhaps you’re gaining a few followers here and there - but you have no idea how to turn those followers into paying clients.

And anyways, what kind of product or service should you create that people would actually PAY for?

While everyone else in your industry seems to be launching an online course, a mastermind group, or their signature program, here you are:

6 months in.

Still trying to figure out what your niche is.

With no money in the bank.

And no concrete plan on how to change that.

Suddenly, it all doesn’t seem like such a good idea anymore.

“Maybe this whole entrepreneur thing isn’t really for me. Maybe I can’t do this. Who am I to build a successful online business anyways?”

How am I so familiar with these doubts and fears?

I used to struggle with them, too.

Carla Biesinger, Dream Creators' Society

I remember the days when I was...

  • Feeling completely lost and overwhelmed, making peanuts in my business, and my dad paying for my health insurance…

  • Unhappy in the reality I had created for myself (after all, no one had forced me to start my own business…).

  • Lonely, because I felt like I had no one to talk to about my struggles (except maybe my new besties Fear and Self-Doubt, who never seemed to leave my side).

  • Feeling like a fraud. Constantly feeling like I had to pretend I had my s*** together - ugh, how much I hate the whole “fake it till you make it” thing.

  • Exhausted. Working all day with nothing to show for, while other people in my industry were KILLING it, celebrating 5-figure months and 6-figure launches.

  • Thinking to myself: "Am I simply not good enough to do this?”

Hi, I'm Carla! (4).jpg

I gave webinars, even though they terrified me.

I did lives, even though sometimes no one showed up.

I wrote blog posts, ran Facebook ads, made offers, constantly tested and tweaked my strategies.

I invested in myself and in my business over and over again, spending every dollar I made on trainings, courses, and coaches.

Until, finally, I found the golden formula....

Within one year, I went from making $0 in my online business, constant anxiety, and moving back in with my mum to:

  • Creating my ultimate laptop lifestyle and a business I love, which allows me to work from absolutely anywhere in the world (this year alone I will have been to Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, the U.S., Kenya, and Italy - and that’s just by June).

  • Waking up to notifications of... Literally having made money in my sleep.

  • Working with amazing clients all over the world, and helping them create the business of their dreams!


The idea of being an online entrepreneur?

It’s exciting! You get paid for doing what you love. You gain the freedom and the flexibility to work wherever you want, whenever you want. You have the ability to make money while you sleep (um, yes please!).

But the truth about running an online business that no one talks about?

It's overwhelming.

It’s lonely.

And it's scary.

You’re constantly forced to move way out of your comfort zone and push yourself to do things you never thought you would. You know you need to stay consistent and persistent to reach your goal. But when you actually have no idea of how to get from A to B, the task can seem almost impossible.

So let me ask you: 

What if we took out all the overwhelm, the loneliness, and the "scary" elements?


Having an expert by your side who could help you:

  • Overcome the fears that are holding you back.

  • Gain the clarity and direction to incorporate your many ideas into one credible and impactful brand that aligns with your goals.

  • Focus on the strategies & tools that work for YOU, your business, and your audience, and develop a marketing strategy to gain major traction online so that you can reach more people and get more sales - without wasting any more time.

You're in the right place if you're...

• Lacking clarity and direction and aren’t sure what strategies to focus on in order to get your business off the ground or to the next level.

• Tired of trying to figure it all out on your own, knowing that you’re wasting time and money.

• Craving that 1:1 support and to finally get expert help from someone who’s “been there, done that”. Someone who gets you.

• Ready to make an investment in yourself and your business - because you know it's the most profitable investment you'll ever make.


Finding your gap in the online market

  • Gain clarity on who you are as a professional, your WHY, and what sets you apart from your competition.

  • Understand what makes you unique, the powerful transformation you offer to your clients, and why you are the person they need to work with.

  • Get clear on your voice and the message you want to put out there to attract your ideal clients.

Your ideal client

  • Gain laser clarity on your target market and who you want to work with.

  • Understand what it is they really want and need, and how you can best serve them and show your value.

  • Evaluate who you are attracting now vs. who you want to attract, and learn how to easily find and connect with your ideal clients in the online world.

Packaging & pricing

  • Learn how to value and price your products/services and create an offer you love.

  • Feel 100% confident about the offer you create and the price your charging, knowing that it’s something audience is willing to pay for.

  • Learn how to repackage your old content and create low priced "tripwire product" that can start earning you money while you sleep.


Email Marketing for longterm success (and without the overwhelm)

  • Learn the best strategies to turn your social media followers and website visitors into email subscribers, and how to create a simple, yet powerful welcome sequence that will position you as the expert you are and turn your new subscribers into raving fans.

  • Develop your own powerful, longterm email marketing strategy to nurture your list, build trust, and convert your subscribers into paying customers - all while feeling confident about the content you send out every month.

  • Learn how to get your subscribers to open your emails and click on your links, as well as the biggest mistakes to avoid so that you don’t lose your new subscribers as soon as you gain them.

Learn how to use Instagram as a strategic business tool to grow your income

  • Understand the power of Instagram and how to use this platform to its fullest potential. We'll dive deep into your account and develop a solid strategy to grow your following by attracting your ideal clients.

  • Get comfortable and confident at using live video, as the fastest way to build trust, and the easiest way to make money.

  • Learn how to structure and create a fun and engaging “live experience” that converts followers into hot leads. It's time to minimize your effort and maximize your conversions - without you losing your nerves! ;) You’ve got this!


Learn how to sell your offer (without feeling sales-y or pushy) 

  • Use your words to effectively but organically turn your followers and subscribers into potential clients without you sounding like a used car salesman.

  • Learn how to structure a sales call and overcome the most common objections (I can’t afford it, I have to think about it, I have to ask my spouse).

  • Get natural at delivering your sales pitch by feeling so confident about your offer and the incredible transformation you provide to your clients and actually convert those conversations into sales.

Multiply your income by creating passive income 

  • Learn how to reuse and repackage your old content to create “no brainer offers” and create more passive income in your business.

  • Learn how to set up automated sales funnels that will attract high quality leads and make you money while you sleep.

  • Discover how you can diversify your products/services in order to create different streams of income within your business without reinventing the wheel.


Fact is: you deserve a life that's extraordinary life and a profitable business you LOVE.

The question, however, is: are you ready to make it happen?

Apply for your free discovery call today.